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Inverness is a thriving modern city with a facinating and lengthy history. The oldest secular house still standing today in Inverness was built in 1593. Originally Abertarff House was the town house for the Frasers of Lovat but now The National Trust of Scotland are proud to call it home as the building is the headquarters for the National organisation.

Churches such as the Old High St. Stephen's Church also stand proudly, testament to the history of the city. The church tower dates from mediaeval times.

Nearby the last battle staged on British soil, The Battle of Culloden, was staged in the fields of the neighbouring town.

Castles in the area are also plentiful, with the ruins of Urquhart Castle perhaps the most famous. Overlooking Loch Ness, also famed worldwide for its celebrated inhabitant, 'Nessie' or The Loch Ness Monster, the ruins of Urquhart are imposing and beautiful in equal measure.

Inverness is a proud city of the Scottish Highlands. Gaelic is more widely spoken here than in other cities of Scotland and the city identifies closely with the surrounding rural parts of the North of Scotland.